Station House Home Deliverys

Tuesday to Saturday – 5.00pm till 8.30pm
Order by telephone: 0113 286 6322

Card payment is taken over the phone – No cash on delivery


Pizza Rosmarino – £6.00
A pizza bread base with rosemary, sea salt and olive oil.
Pizza Garlic Bread – £6.00
Served with or without tomato, add mozzarella for an additional cost.
Margherita (V) – £8.00
As classic as pizza gets: tomato and mozzarella cheese.
Vegetariana (V) – £9.50
Tomato and mozzarella cheese with mixed grilled vegetables.
Al Crudo (with Rocket & Parmesan Shavings) – £12.75
Tomato and mozzarella cheese with Parma ham.
Salame Piccante (with Chilli Flakes) – £9.50
Tomato and mozzarella cheese with pepperoni.
Pizza Della Nonna – £13.00
Tomato and mozzarella cheese with Nduja salami, friarelli broccoli spears, Dolcelatte blue cheese and walnuts.
Funghi (V) – £9.50
Tomato and mozzarella cheese with mushroom.
Prosciutto – £9.50
Tomato and mozzarella cheese with roast ham.
Alpina (with Rocket & Parmesan Shavings) – £12.75
Tomato and mozzarella cheese with speck smoked ham.
Capo Stazione – £13.00
The Station Masters special: tomato and mozzarella cheese with a bit of everything.
Pizza Boscaiola – £13.00
Tomato and mozzarella cheese with pepperoni, mushrooms and Dolcelatte blue cheese.

Extra Toppings Can Be Added – Please Ask About Gluten Free Options

Parma ham and speck smoked ham – £1.50
All other toppings an additional – £1.00


Ravioli Nduja e Pecorino – £7.50
Ravioli filled with spicy pork salami & pecorino cheese served with baby plum tomatoes, rocket and parmesan shavings.
Lasagne Casareccia – £7.50
Homemade lasagne. Bolognese, Italian roast ham, boiled egg, rich tomato and Béchamel sauce, parmesan & mozzarella.
Parmigiana (GF)(V) – £7.00
Layers of aubergine, homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan.
Tortellini Spinaci Ricotta (V) – £7.00
Spinach and ricotta filled tortellini garnished with rocket and parmesan Shavings. Served with your choice of sauce: tomato, tomato & cream or pesto and cream.
Girasoli Rossi (Vegan) – £7.00
Sunflower shaped pasta with a chickpea & mixed vegetable filling, served with grilled vegetables and a rich tomato and herb sauce


Rosemary Potatoes – £3.00
Tender roast potatoes with a simple rustic flavour.


Tiramisu – £4.00
Soft Sponge base with a layer of mascarpone cream, decorated with coffee soaked finger biscuits and dusted with cocoa powder
Sea Salted Caramel Mousse – £3.00
Sea salted caramel mousse – cookie crumble & salted caramel base, topped with a cream caramel mousse and finished with a dark chocolate ganache.
Four Mini Desserts – £4.00
Includes: raspberry mouse, sea salted caramel, chocolate panna cotta and caramel panna cotta.
Trancio Amaretto – £4.00
Layered sponge dessert with cream and Amaretto liquor.
Trancio Torronata – £4.00
Layered sponge dessert with cream and nougat.


San Pellegrino – £1.50
Lemon, Orange & Pomegranate, Lemon & Mint, Blood Orange and Orange.
Galvanina Sparkling Juice – £3.50
Mandarin & Prickly Pear, Ginger, Pomegranate, Red Grapefruit, Ruby Orange, Clementine, Peach Ice Tea or Sicilian Lemon.
Coca Cola / Diet Coca Cola – £1.00
Carbonated soft drink.